A picture of the right hand and left hand is used instead of clefs

Children very often feel bombarded with too much information. One strategy that children employ for dealing with this is to sieve incoming information and focus only on what they know they can understand easily.

Very often a teacher will have the impression that a child is paying attention and understanding what is being explained, only for it to become apparent, later, that things have not been understood. For this reason, when I designed Playing With Colour, it was my intention to present the child only with elements that could be clearly explained and understood. For this reason I do not introduce clefs until book 2. In book 1, a picture of the right or left hand is used in place of the clef. This also avoids any confusion between right and left. Bar lines are introduced only after a clear explanation of the use of duple and triple time. Time signatures have been simplified in order to avoid the problems of explaining the purpose of the lower number. Although the correct terms are used for note values, the terms walking notes, waiting notes and jogging notes are also used to simplify the understanding of rhythm and pulse.

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